County-Specific Domain:  There are over 26,000 residents in Wyoming County PA according to the most recent United States census data. You now have the opportunity to reach out to them specifically 24 hours per day whenever their smart devices (phones, tablets, watches etc.) and desktop computers are turned on by owning this new county-specific domain.  The most popular domain can be used effectively for a lending institution, bank, title loan company, investment broker, accounting firm, bookkeeping agency, or any other financial related industry. Great for listing desirable locations in real estate, and destinations for travel and tourism. Even political campaigns to reach and influence voters. The great county-specific domain name:

   Is easy to remember
   Provides instant local recognition
   Has the most popular .com extension 
   Targets a geographic specific county population
   Instantly send visitors straight to your current website

  Tried and True: In my eleven plus years of working with businesses on their web presence, I know first hand that the county-specific domain from the county in which you are located will drive local traffic to your current website simply by posting a redirect on the county website. This isn't too surprising from an overall perspective. Here's a prime example: Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Fox & Roach Realtors in Chester County PA uses a redirect on the geographic specific county domain to send users and search engines straight to their original website. See for yourself: Type in in the address bar at the top of your page and hit Enter. (Domain names are not case sensitive) You are redirected to the business owner's original website. Posting a redirect on their county- specific domain works for them, and I know it will work for you. While watching it significantly lower your advertising expenses, now more costly than ever, you'll get a huge number of visitors to your current website and a mailbox full of messages.

  Value of Ownership: Afternic is the world's premiere domain marketplace, where you can place your bid or purchase the domain fast and easy. Whether, or not, you want to buy this new county-specific domain is for you to decide, but similarly, you can target people from within your county with excellent results. By submitting an offer you will instantly receive a response from Afternic's Customer Care Specialist. Click CONNECT to bid now. You will be one step closer to owning the domain name!!